He was running out of time. Holding onto her he ran as fast as he could.

‘What if all of this is unreal?’, she asked, her face quite disturbed. ‘No, this has to be real. This thing has the power to change our lives’, he mumbled trembling, the answer hardly satisfying her curious mind.

He looked back to reassure her when he saw her face undergo metamorphosis.

Her face was terrifying. Her pretty doe eyes now looked fierce reflecting anger. Her face had developed odd looking bumps, somewhat like a dozen big pimples and the skin had turned a dull shade of dark green, sharp canines poking out of her mouth. He slowed down but she kept her pace crashing into the wall ahead, turning into a cloud of smoke, quick to disappear.

He screeched into a stop, almost losing his balance. He stood there, confused . Beads of sweat began to flow down his face while he tried to make sense of everything that happened in the past hour.


Your share

‘Divide this equally among yourselves, don’t keep it all to yourself’, said Grandpa as he handed out a 100 rupee note to his cute little granddaughter.

‘Grandpa asked me to give you this’, mumbled the 2 year old, with an innocent giggle, holding out the right half of the torn note, keeping the left half to herself.

The girl in the garden

The gentle sunbeam hit my forehead and I forced open my eyes. My head still ached with last night party’s hangover.

A quick glance through the window lead to the discovery of an unknown figure in my garden. I was pretty sure that it was a woman; I couldn’t see clearly so quickly rolled over to get hold of my glasses.

‘Oh! What is this beautiful lady supposed to be doing in my garden?’, I asked myself.

I had no patience to observe her from here, leapt out of the bed and quickly raced out of the door.

There she stood beside the bushes.

Straight out of a fairy tale she seemed to be. Dressed in a simple pink gown with lace detailing, her curly brown locks glistened in the gentle rays of sunlight. With the rising sun just behind her I could barely see her face, but it was perfectly symmetric – oval and tapering towards the chin. That’s all you can expect from an artist. We see shapes.

I squinted to get a better view. Her beauty could put Cinderellas, Rapunzels and Snow Whites to shame. Those eyes seemed to pierce right through me but still had a gentle charm to them. It would take decades describing her beauty as I fell short of adjectives.

‘Who are you? I’ve never seen you around’, I managed to let out a few words out of my mouth.

My astonishment and joy appeared funny to her.

She parted her lips to speak as I felt a sudden jerk on my back. A powerful force threw me to the ground. Another jerk, less powerful this time. I rolled around to have a look.

‘Wake up man’, he said.

‘So you had the same dream today?’, my roommate inquired, trying hard to mask his giggles.

The lost phone

I’m sure that I put it in my pocket.

‘No, no, I couldn’t have missed it in my office’, I mumbled to myself.

A million thoughts flashed in my head.

It was with me while I was at my cubicle, then I made a call home to tell her that I am gonna be a little late today. Then I climbed down the stairs and now I stand in the parking lot.

‘Where the hell did I lose my phone then?’

Surprisingly I heard a sequence of mild beeps in my left ear.

Oh! I had held the phone to my ear to make a call.

The Last Wish

The person who ruined his life was standing right in front of him, but he could do nothing now. It was too late for action. He was the cause of all his miseries and misfortunes. Filled with anger and sorrow together, he stared at the guy. The pale eyes, thick beard, dirty shirt, everything seemed familiar. He stood expressionless, with a sharp gaze; as if he would strangle him given a chance.

A khaki clad official entered the room through the door on the left.

‘Its time’, he said, ‘We have to leave now.’

Unwillingly he left the room with the officer. Walking through the corridors the officer said, ‘Can I ask you something?’

‘Sure’. The reply was quick.

‘Why did you wish to see yourself in the mirror as your death wish?’