People walked down the stairs with a smile on their face, waving hands at the people standing on the road; a sense of accomplishment in their glimmering eyes. Throngs of people waited outside just to get a glimpse; lucky were the ones who got a chance to go upstairs.

Too bad that I ain’t talking about Mannat on SRK’s birthday or the famed Galaxy apartments. It was a suicide scene, but what amazed me was the way people reacted.

Inability to understand, let alone speak the local language proved a major bottleneck here. But then, you always find someone who speaks your language, and I too found one here.

The girl had hanged herself tying her dupatta to the fan. Apparently the girl made the decision since she had a squabble with her family. I wondered how I would’ve tried to avoid that view or just want to unsee it, just in case I caught a glimpse, when I saw a guy running down the stairs, jumping down a couple or three steps at once. 

Voila! He managed to get a photograph from the window. Now he could let the unlucky ones have a closer look.

A couple of hours later, an ambulance arrives and takes away the body. Now the chaar log in our society begin their work. The reason for the girl’s suicide changes from family issues to failed love matters and then to her family not accepting the relationship. Some people even brought it to such lows that you can’t even decide whether to write it here.

It is at moments like these when I feel powerless as a member of the so-called society or just as an individual. It puts me into serious thought that even after years of evolution, we still lack somewhere whilst calling ourselves the most intelligent beings on the planet. 

Somewhere we fail to understand that an individual needs to given a certain amount of respect, even if their soul leaves the physical body behind.

And suicides are overly under-rated. With the independent, bold women spreading awareness about how periods are normal or how much of choice they have, and the average man trying to explain the other sex why manspreading is necessary or how guys make mistakes, it’s high time somebody looked into this. Such self-slaughters happen when people are desperately in need of help and we as a society could contribute a lot to preventing such situations.

This has been disturbing my mind for long and eventually I found peace jotting this down, hoping this would make sense to someone.


A fair life

Is being white a privilege?

Probably not. But still people root for a fairer world. 

There have been celebrities standing upto this issue in the previous weeks. Popular fairness cream advertisements show a girl who was dull and dusky turning into a social butterfly and a complete success, thanks to the whitening effect of these magical concoctions. You seriously think dusky people achieving things is pure luck?

And it is not just women who are affected by the dusky skin syndrome. Men too are supposed to be white, and of course no using women’s fairness creams because ‘they don’t bring the desired effect on male skin’.

I am being particularly choosy when using the word dusky instead of black. Apart from not-being-racist reasons, the color black has often been linked to dark and evil causes. For the same reason, you aren’t allowed to buy a black dress or anything as they are particularly considered inauspicious. The only time perhaps the color is desired is when you start to age, for hair staying black means you got something in you.

I have heard stories about people getting rejected because their skin color is too dark. And yet, people outside the country seem to admire this generous gifts of melanin; they strive to get that perfect tan.

This thing will fade within a couple of weeks more, and the world will again go crazy over white skin again. Till then let’s revel ourselves in some other gossip.