Stemming deep from within, a desire to know what you are. Trapped within a soul, who am I?

People seem fake. Excelling at their assigned roles. Why does it all seem like a play all of a sudden?

The achievements, moments of bliss all seem to have withered away. Just like vapor on a cold windshield. When all the praises showered upon feel like flattery, none of them real. 

When you look back and realize what you have achieved, only to see there is nothing. What have you been doing all these years?

Depressed? No. High? No. Then what makes you all philosophical all of a sudden? The voices around rise in chorus. The society maybe. Or my conscience.

The blog is probably dead, so are ideas. What about me? I live. Merely exist, to be precise.

Questions, questions. Wait, isn’t that what makes us different? Life. No matter how much you run away from her, she always finds a way to enchant you again. Interesting.

Wake up! You have another birth anniversary coming. Live every moment. Leave a mark. A good one. Before the next one comes up. 

Happy Birthday you idiot!

Advance wishes.


Wakeup Call

God created animals, birds and all other living organisms; made them all equal. Then He created man. He gave the best brains ever given to any living being. This newfound creature tried his best but could not create even a part of what God had created. God divided living beings according to species, man tried this on his own race. God differentiated human beings into males and females, man took it forward and created Hindus, Muslims ,Christians, Buddhists, Americans, Europeans, Asians, Africans and what not. He created every kind of imaginable criteria for classifying humans.

People in our society are educated. They have a clear definition of how these various sects should interact. Have you seen a group of zebras and lions hanging out together? He expects to do the same. You may be allowed to be more than strangers but not create deep ties of friendships. Some may defy this rule, but they shall be taken care of by the society.

Me and women are already two different parts. They shall forever feel that one of them is given unfair advantages. It may be true to some extent; I don’t have any idea how much true. They will never be given equal status. Both the parties are exposed to prejudices right befire they are born. Every possible crime has been done against both. Deep down in their heart there lies a feeling that the other is superior or inferior.

I am tired of the random statements made my influential people to change this disparities. I have lost hope. False promises have angered me. Every statement made with dedication meets with harsh criticism. Sarcasm is the only way to vent out these pent up emotions and wake up the people still in their slumber of ignorance.

Wake up O people! The world shall not change until you decide to change yourself.