Comeback Post

It has been long ago that I have written something. I don’t know if someone has been watching out for any post of mine. If someone does, thanks a lot and I hope to be able to update regularly.

I’ve been thinking a lot on what I should write. When I started the blog, I thought that I had much to share with the world. The world which is a more scarier place now.

Crimes, calamities and differences plague most parts of our planet of residence. And here I am wondering where all of this is leading us to. The child inside opines to see all of this just as a part of the story, although what it plans to see ahead is pure fantasy.

Sometimes I get that writer’s block. But the determination to write something feels lost long ago. There is a sea of content within; there is also great confusion, as to how the content can be put into words, careful as to  not offend anyone. When I see people writing, I am in awe. Their ability to shape their thoughts into beautiful sentences are remarkable. Be it poems, or just random scribbles, they have their own value.

Now, until I get a good subject to comment on, I suppose it would be great to interact with the bloggers out here. Atleast, I might make a friend.

So what do you love to write about?

And what inspires you?




The smallest unit of written language; a unique combination of letters of the alphabet – technically a word can be defined so. Every idea begging to be expressed requires words to put it together.

“Words are mightier than the sword.”

They are more than powerful. Take their help and the most complex feelings can be expressed with ease. Bringing out great ideas becomes child’s play. They have the strength to forge relations and also break down the strongest of those. They can turn so sharp that they pierce through the thickest of skin. An appropriate combination can fix broken bridges. They are truly said to be mightier than the sword; mightier than any weapon on the planet.

Used correctly and they can work miracles. One wrong use and they can destroy kingdoms. They make up a person. A person’s choice of words deciphers his character. Personally I rever people for their words and I am simply amazed by their choices.

Words are influenced upon by languages and many languages include words directly adopted from another language. Some words become so used to in your life that you can’t leave them even though you know they are meaningless.

They are easy to define and to find, but to find one suitable for a particular use it’s difficult. Take my word, they seem so mysterious and stubborn that I have to experiment with them too long until I find somehing that fits in almost perfectly. Thank God for thesaurus. But yet I am not sure I can come back with the right ones. I find searching for words too boring and my vocabulary is so close to worse.

I don’t know what encouraged me take up writing in this topic today but it feels so nice after doing this. And I have started to lose interest in blogging since the views have started to go down. But having heard that ‘Hard work never goes unnoticed’ I am in no mood to give up.