Crush : Part 2

(…Continued from Part 1)

I see her almost every other day now. It feels like something’s missing on the days when she doesn’t show up.

Maybe she would have fallen sick. Or just taken a day off to give herself a break. I just can’t stop thinking.

She still chooses the same table everyday, facing the large glass windows, taking a bite and then a quick scroll on the phone.

Maybe she is an introvert. I’ve never seen her with any friends. Or does she not have any friends here?

I moved in here for work – that was six months back, I would be the same way. All of my friends were a thousand miles away. Cellphones and the internet have broght the world together but it can probably never provide the warmth of talking with someone in person.

I could not resist the urge to know more about her.

I wish I could walk upto her and say hi.

Not today though.

Maybe she had some friends that I knew. But if I ask them it would bring a great deal of doubt, wouldn’t it? And what if they tell her? I would come across as desperate, probably. No, I don’t want to do that.

I was rejoiced to see her when I went out for a walk on this boring Satuday evening.

She lives near me. Yeah!

And I know a couple of her friends. Great!

Now, how do we give things a kickstart?

It was another regular morning.

As always, there she was, at her regular spot.

I don’t want to keep things this way forever.

And also I had come in alone today – maybe this is the chance.

I picked up my plate and walked up to her table, asked her if I could join her.

She was delighted to have company.

I don’t remember what we talked, but I am sure most of the things hardly made sense. It was just about getting to know her, but it was me who did most of the talking. And this is irrelevant – I know that even you want to know what happened next.

We walked home together that day.

I still feel stupid why we chose to discuss work. Well, its great to have something to talk that nothing. And it was mostly me rambling, all along the way.

I dropped her by her doorstep.

Said the customary goodbyes.

That day, the roads seemed different. People seemed happy, there were smiles everywhere I looked. Maybe this is how the world is when looked through rose-tinted glasses.

I was happier than usual.

She was way out of my league.

I could’ve probably asked for her number, but wouldn’t that be creepy? Maybe I should for wait for a while longer.

(To be continued…)


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