Crush : Part 1

I have seen her a couple of times.

We’ve remained those kind of strangers – never quite had the the feeling to be friends.

The perfect stories start with strangers and then you being friends and then falling in love. Oh, so wonderful it sounds!

There’s no shortage of fish in the sea either.

But honestly, it’s always nice to have a familiar face in a crowd.

I’d always watch her sit alone by the corner table at the canteen, munching at her breakfast, scrolling through her phone.

I wonder why she is so mysterious.

Life had really started to become busier, not much time for fun now in this world full of deadlines and targets.

I saw her again. But with faces so beautiful everywhere, you just get confused where to look. You’d probably miss another pretty one.

I wish I had said hi, but well, that never happened. Sigh.

And there are people staring at you, and you get this strange kind of vibe. You look back and they are looking away now. Brilliantly played. Seemed fun at times, creepy at others.

I struggled to get back to normal, away from all the pain.

Weekdays were all about work and weekends, binge watching movies and TV.

They say you need to have goals at every point in life, but this moment I chose not to.

Perhaps I had one.

(To be continued…)


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