Asifa Bano was a just like all the other little girls.

Chirping like a bird and running like a deer.

She was the centre of the universe connecting her family.

8 years old.

What she went through for a week was worse than what an eight year-old could ever imagine.

Courtesy : Asifa Bano’s family

And we never knew.

They found her body days after she went missing.

Yet another life was sacrificed over land and lust. People are still fighting over the religions and borders.

A beautiful soul was forced to leave the world even before it could imagine its potential.

A child snatched of her dreams.

But Asifa is just a name. Just like the many forgotten Nirbhayas. An innocent face which I find difficult to erase from my mind. They would’ve found some other girl and even worse ways to attain their objectives.

This is just one of the many stories that we end up hearing every day.

Let’s face the harsh truth : this fire you see now is going to die down. Just like all the other cases we have seen. The tons of likes and comments that we recieve is NOT going to bring that girl back. Even if it did, it could in no way ease the suffering she would have gone through.

But that face is going to haunt much of our lives for long.

In a way, it is better that they put an end to the torture inflicted upon her by taking her life – she could never have survived this society.

Souls like these deserve better – much better than the world we live in.

Let every like on this post be a prayer for her.

Let every comment be a pleading towards every person who decides to pleasure oneself over the suffering and torture of another.

I feel angry. I am burdened with grief. But then I know that I am powerless.

Sorry Asifa, we failed as a society.

Yet again.

We failed you.

Hope that they got the pleasure they’d been yearned for.


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