They say you can’t sleep if you are awake in someone else’s dreams.

I remember seeing the clock tick past 12 before I fall deep into the arms of sleep.

3 am.

I am wide awake. No signs of physical tiredness – I feel like I just woke up after a good night’s sleep, all fresh and ready to defeat the day that has come.

Has anyone been dreaming about me lately?

No, she didn’t reply to the last message I sent yesterday.

She might have have dozed off.

But those blue tick marks say otherwise.


These are so evil that they have the power to take away the balance of your heart, sending it into a frenzy, forcing you to think about all the times she was angry with you, right from the day you met her.

Women, for sure, come from Venus.

And men, Pluto?

Wait, Pluto isn’t a planet anymore.

Well, with all that’s happening with the female being on the face of the Earth, I just wish that I don’t come across as a creep to her.

I am tired of reading these same stories over and over again – rape, violence, molestation and what not.

Every single day.

Not exactly quoting The Harry Potter Girl from her speech at the HeForShe campain, ‘Feminism isn’t about proving that women are superior to men – it is about making sure that women and men get the same opportunities and rights as an individual’.

In that case, I am, and shall always remain a feminist.

I don’t even remember if this is what Emma said.

Bye for now. Let’s go and get that sleep back.


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